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Jack Fielding Design Engineering & Building, Inc. You Dream It, We Design It, and Together We Build It. ADU For U Inc. Accessory Dwelling Units Fast & Affordable
Office Phone 951-243-1810 Fax 951-243-6997 Cell 951-623-9735 HUD 203(k) Consultant and Inspector HUD ID # S0706
JACK EDWARD FIELDING, PhD. has been serving the Southern California area in construction and building trades since 1972. Dedicated to building quality, excellence, and customer service. With all of your budget and cost needs in mind. Education: BS in Civil & Structural Engineering Year 1997 MBA Business Administration ( Construction Management ) Year 1999 Doctor of Psychology ( Sports Psychology ) Year 2002 Jack has both a General Building Contractors License ( B ) since 7/10/1987 because of his special engineering knowledge and skills along with educational background, a General Engineering Contractors License ( A ) since 2/27/2004 Jack Fielding Design Engineering & Building Inc. Since 09-21-2020 CSLB Lic.# 1069006 A & B Which allows Jack to build any type of project: Examples: Airports & airways, highways, streets, roadways, tunnels, power plants, Irrigation, drainage, water power, water supply, flood control, inland waterways, harbors, docks & wharves, shipyards & ports, dams & hydroelectric projects, levees, river control & reclamation works, rairoads, sewers & sewage disposal plants & systems, waste reduction plants, bridges, overpasses, underpasses, & other similar works, pipelines & other systems for the transmission of petroleum & other liquid or gaseous substances, or similar works, parks, playgrounds & other recreational works, refineries, chemical plants & other similar industrial plants requiring specialized engineering knowledge & skill, powerhouses, power plants & other utility plants & installations, mines & metallurgical plants, land leveling & earthmoving projects, excavating, grading, trenching, paving & surfacing work & cement & concrete works in connection with the above mentioned fixed works, along with the B license, custom homes, tract homes, apartment buildings, condominium buildings, commercial & industrial, institutional, schools, hospitals, medical centers, etc… There is no project to big or to small that we can not handle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JFDE & BI is your one stop shopping source for all your construction and building needs.